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Online Accounting Software with GST & Inventory

Includes Payroll, Sales, Service & Marketing

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Easy to Use

Simple accounting interface with debit/credit entries with inventory

GST Ready

One click GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 reports. Direct upload on GST Portal

Always Up-to-date

Get regular updates to keep up with changing laws and regulations

Accounting with GST

Workspace Accounting includes full-featured accounting system with integrated reporting as per latest GST tax regime. You can generate GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 at click of a button and directly upload on GST portal. Live Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account always keep you updated of your business'es financial status.


Workspace Payroll is a comprehensive payroll system with statutory compliance, attendance and leave management. Customize everything as per your business needs. With employee self service, your employees can apply leaves, view payslips and do a lot more.

Customer Support

Manage customers queries and complaints with ticket based Customer Support system in Workspace. Define custom issues & resolutions types. Send e-mail and sms updates to customers and keep them updated about resolution steps. Have multiple users manage different types of issues and track status of tickets using live and rich dashboard.

Sales Lead Management

Never miss an opportunity by using Sales Lead Management with Workspace. Record customer enquiries by location, products & campaigns. Add follow-ups to get back to customers on time. Integrate with your website for seamless experience for your sales force.


Run e-mail and SMS marketing campaigns to reach new customers and keep your existing customers updated about your new products and services. SMS and E-Mail distribution lists with unsubscribe option lets you keep in touch with huge number of customers with ease.


Every application offers rich reports to make business decisions with precision. Reports are always up-to-date with latest data and you do not need to wait for reports to be generated.

How Workspace is different?

Workspace is built on latest web standards and provides rich user experience.
Move beyond desktop apps and unleash the power of cloud.

True Cloud

Unlike other software that offer remote desktop in the name of cloud, Workspace is a fully cloud based solution where you can work from multiple places or multiple devices and your data is always in sync.

Instant Start

Workspace is designed for modern web browsers. You don't need to install any software like database or application on your device. Get started instantly by simply signing up and start your free trial.

Scalable Pricing

There is no need to pay any up-front fees to get started with Workspace. With highly scalable plan, you only pay for what you use. With monthly billing, you can stop using anytime you want and there is no long-term commitment.

Always Up-to-date

Workspace runs on a cloud platform where you always see the latest version running on your browser. We keep bringing updates and enhancements to improve Workspace and get you the best value for your money.

"By 2025, 100% of enterprise will be in the cloud"
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Workspace is a cloud based solution to manage accounting, payroll, sales, marketing, customer support and billing. Workspace does not require any software installation on your devices. It is a highly scalable solution that is suitable for businesses of all size. There are no upfront charges and almost every aspect is billed on usage. Get started instantly by signing up for free 30 day evaluation.


All our products are backed by a comprehensive documentation. You can easily find information with step-by-step guide to accomplish any task. The documentation is regularly updated as we collect new information from your feedback and as we release any new features. Visit Documentation

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