When creating a new invoice, you need to enter customer details like Company Name, Contact Person, E-Mail address, etc. This information can be stored in your customer library for re-use without entering the details all over again.

There are two ways to achieve this:

Option 1: Pick a Customer from Customer Library

If your customer record already exists in your customer library, you can simply pick all the details from there. To search from available list of customers in your library, start typing customer’s name in the ‘Bill To’ field. If your input matches any of the available records, you will see a list of customers just below the ‘Bill To’  field. To select a customer, click on it’s name. You can find customer records by searching customer name, contact name, e-mail or mobile no. Results matching any of these fields will be shown.

See the below picture of live search and selection:

Search Customer Demo

As soon as you click on a search result, all the fields like Mobile No., E-Mail, Phone, Addresses etc. will be populated from customer library.

At this stage, you can change any of the populated values to suit a particular case. To push your changes back to customer library, click on ‘Show More’ link to reveal all fields and select (check) ‘Update Customer Library’ option. Once you click ‘Save’, the changes made on the page will be pushed to customer library also.

Update Customer Record

Option 2: Enter Customer Details Manually

If the invoice you are creating belongs to a new customer that does not exist in your library, you can simply enter the details in relevant fields and go ahead with invoice creation.

In case you wish to create a customer in your library with the details you just populated, click ‘Show More’ link to reveal all fields and select (check) ‘Update Customer Library’ option. Once you click ‘Save’, a new customer record will be created with details entered on the page.

Conflicting Entries

It is possible that when creating a new invoice, you enter details of a new customer but the same already exist in your customer library. If you choose to create new customer in library by selecting ‘Update Customer Library’ option, the system will be unable to update in following cases:

  1. If name of customer matches with any existing name in your customer library
  2. If e-mail address matches with any existing e-mail address in your customer library

In such cases, the invoice creation will be successful, but the customer library will not be updated. Such alerts are not shown on the page but are logged to the application. Visit application Home > Logs and view logs for a particular date range to reveal such errors/warnings.

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