Workspace Pricing Plans

Scalable Pricing Plan

Rs. 3,599 per year

INR 999 per year

(Promotional pricing for 1st year)

Up-to 5 users

Other Charges
  • Payment Collection
    • 2.5% of invoice value or INR 10, whichever is lower, for payments collected using Indian Payment Gateway.
    • 5% of invoice value or INR 25, whichever is lower, for payments collected using PayPal.
    • Free when using your own PayPal account for international payments.
  • Other Limits
    • For performance reasons, up-to 100 requests per minute are allowed per account. Any action (through application or through API) to create/update/delete an item across all applications is consiered as one request .
  • SMS & E-Mail Usage
    • 100 Free SMS per month. SMS can be purchased @ 20p per SMS. You can easily configure and use any third party SMS service free of charge.
    • 1,000 Free E-Mails per month. E-Mails can be purchased @ 1p per E-Mail. You can easily configure and use your own e-mail service free of charge.




Workspace is a cloud based solution to manage accounting, payroll, sales, marketing, customer support and billing. Workspace does not require any software installation on your devices. It is a highly scalable solution that is suitable for businesses of all size. There are no upfront charges and almost every aspect is billed on usage. Get started instantly by signing up for free 30 day evaluation.


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